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Basic Levels of Product

This article will be about basic levels of a certain product. In marketing we know 5 basic levels that help us in positioning and fighting the compeition.[ad#ad-4]

First level is product core. This is the level that contains the reason, why people buy this product. For example core level of telephone is communication.

Second level is basic product. This level has only basic characteristics. On our example, this is just a machine, that enable people to call and maybe send smss.

Third level is expected product. This level of product has everything that people expect a product to have. For example telephone today almost must have functions such as bluetooth, IR, wireless, MMS, SMS, calling, games, picture and video taking, video chat,…

Next level is expanded product. This level has some extra things and today’s competition is going on on this level. For example this would be a telephone that has solar charging, GPS, satellite calling,…

Last level is potential product. This level is all about what a product could have in the future. I will leave your imagination do that on example of a telephone.

Hope you now know the basic levels of a product in marketing.

Written by: Matt

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