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Control Function of Management

Controlling is a function in the management cycle closely related to planning. Controlling is a six-step process that involves several systematic approaches to ensure performance standards are met in the most efficient way possible. While controlling is a complicated management function, its importance must not be under-rated.[ad#ad-4]

  1. Establish performance standards. Performance standards give employees an idea of what is expected of them and tells them how you assess their performance. This is key to maintain management control.
  2. Conduct a job analysis and create a job description for each position within the company. Give feedback regularly and give annual performance appraisals. This makes the employee aware of her individual strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Monitor and measure performance. Draw up a new business plan and assess current performance against expectations. Refocus the efforts of managers, employees and stakeholders as needed.
  4. Compare your measured performance against established standards. If anticipated performance is below average, take preventive corrective actions to ensure compliance to specified performance standards before a problem occurs.
  5. Take corrective action. This is often a difficult aspect of the controlling function of management. When problems arise, handle the situations fast and efficiently. Ignoring a challenging situation only makes things worse.
  6. Practice preventative methods like coaching in order to avoid corrective action. Coaching allows for consistent feedback from management. It also helps train employees on a daily basis and eliminates the need for severe corrective action except in extreme circumstances.

Consider using the benchmark method of monitoring and measuring performance. Benchmarking is a technique that compares your performance to the performance of others in your sector.

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