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Creating a Marketing Plan

One of the most important aspects of making your business successful is creating an effective marketing plan. The type of business you have will have a part to play in the actual marketing plan and how you present it to prospects. You may choose from many different options including video presentations, brochures, custom poster printing, billboards, and media coverage. The size of your marketing budget also has some effect on the marketing plan you utilize. The higher your marketing budget, the more options you have in the creation of a marketing plan. If you are on a limited budget you may need to substitute custom poster printing for color poster printing or even black and white poster printing . Though not as eye-catching as some other marketing plans, the overall effect will be the same.[ad#ad-4]

It will help you develop a creative marketing plan if you look at some of the advertising ploys that are being used currently and have been used effectively in recent months.

That doesn’t mean you want to use the same idea, but you want to take the advertising schemes that have appealed to a large audience and create your own plan using a similar concept. We have heard talking cars, talking sandwiches, dancing animals, and much more. All of these are effective in their time and for the product for which they were intended, but they will not work if they are used over and over. Even old campaigns will not work if they are brought back to life again—would the Life Cereal commercial with Mikey work today? Probably not because time has passed and concepts that once worked are no longer effective.

One plan you might want to try is using color poster printing to draw your target audience to a video display you have created on your website. Don’t present the entire marketing plan in your poster printing but give prospects enough of a glimpse to make them want to see more.

The entire purpose of any marketing plan is to inspire prospects to look at what you have to offer—to try your products or services. It is proven that people in general are more drawn to a visual concept of an offering which is why television advertising is more effective than radio advertising.

Animated creations will also appeal to your target audience more than posters and sales letter. That doesn’t mean you have to create a video with animated characters but having a video with movement and talking will be more effective than printed material alone. You can use the printed products to entice your audience to watch the presentation you have prepared to support your products or services, but giving them something to which they can relate or that they can watch will keep their attention focused for a longer time.

Written by: RobertJohnston


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  1. Very true……….. A Company MUST develop a product that can make the life of a customer easy…… So many Businesses fail because they don’t understand the needs of Customers. A great product is one which makes the life of a customer easier…………

  2. nice add-on Asav Patel :)

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