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Democratic Leadership

What is democratic leadership? I wrote about autocratic leadership few articles back and now I would like to touch the other form of leadership, democratic leadership. In this article I will try to present the main points of democratic leadership and why should all leaders give it a chance.[ad#ad-4]

Democratic leadership is the total oposite of autocratic leadership. Democratic leadership listen to people and let them tell their opinion. Now in some cases this is good in some cases this is bad.

How can democratic leadership be bad?

People might forget who is the leader and start arguing with the leader. Leader does not have to justify his decisions, even if he is a democratic leader. He must/should listen to his workers but then he should make a decision and of course take the responsibility for it.

How can democratic leadership be good?

We all know how fast does todays market change and one cannot know everything. That is why it is very important to listen to other people. Listen to your workers ideas becouse most of inovative ideas come from the workers. Democratic leader knows how to use workers minds to think for him.

Democratic leadership is the future. Autocracy “one knows it all” is passe and leaders will have to start listening to their employees if they’ll want to be competitive to the competition.

Written by: Matt

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