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Directing Function of Management

Directing function of management is very often confused with leading. This is more or less correct, but there is a slight difference between directing as a basic function of management and leading. I will try to explain the difference and I will try to present you what directing is.[ad#ad-4]

Let’s ask ourselves what is leading. If you search around sayeconomy, you will find our that leading is understanding people and helping them to do what you want. Leading does keep people in mind, while directing does not. Directing sees nothing else but company goals.

Directing is very similar to management and we all now that managemenet leads from without while leadership leads from within. Well directing is from without. Directing is “what ever it takes” process to make people do what you have planned them to do in previous functions of management. It does not matter if you have planned everything and organized everything, if you do not manage to lead/direct people to do that. That is why directing is a very important function of management.

A question that might pop up is, what is better? Leading or directing? We cannot forget what is the purpose of our company. It is the profit. So the main goal should be achieving of company’s goals. BUT, as many cases have shown, the happiness of our works infects the quality of their work greatly. So my advice would be: “Keep a very good ration between leading and directing, you have to achieve your goals but try to keep your workes happy while doing that.”

Written by: Matt

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