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Four Functions of Management

I received a question today about the four functions of management. I think there are already three articles about four basic functions of management published on our site. However since this seems as a very interesting topic and since many people come to our site searching for information about four basic functions of management I decided to write another article about four functions of management and I will try to explain them in more details in this article.[ad#ad-4]

First one of four is planning. Planning is the most important function because it gives us an idea of what we actually want to do. Planning is a condition to successfully finish all four functions of management. In planning we need to decide exactly what we want to do. We also have to make a plan how we are going to achieve that. Once we have a plan made we can move to the second one of four functions of management.

The second function of management is organization. We need to organize everything we need in order to achieve our goal. We need to find people who will work on that project and we need to gather resources which we need to reach our goal. Once we organize everything we can move to the third function of four functions of management.

The third function is directing or leading. We need to lead people to use the resources we prepared in the second function. Leading is probably the hardest function of all four. We need to know our people in order to lead them correctly and to maximize our effectiveness.

The last function is controlling. This one is as any other of the four functions of management very important. We first must explain what controlling actually is. This is not just controlling over workers as one might think, this is also the controlling of your programs and your goal achievement at the end. This last function enables us to improve our skills and process in future by correcting errors that happened during this cycle.

So to summarize it all, four functions of management are actually four steps of every process in our life. Everything we do in our lives should start with planning continuing with organization, then going into leading everything to the end and on the end controlling everything we did and learning how to improve it in the future.

Written by: Matt

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