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How did Management Functions Change in Past Years?

I will talk about changes in management functions in the past few years in this article. I will not explain management functions in details in here, but just point out the differences. Please check some other articles on sayeconomy if you would like to learn more about management functions in todays leadership/management.[ad#ad-4]

Years ago, management was the one who said yes or no to everyhing. It was the management function to find good ideas, good products that company will produce. Management had to find investments and make sure the company runs well. But not anymore. Functions of management have changed. Management is more and more about finding the right people to do things rather than doing things on your own.

For example instead of searching for a good investment, top management’s functions is to find good people to run financial management or investments management in the company. Instead of searching for a good product, top management now has to search for great people to run the marketing function.

Selling is not the top management function anymore. We have sales management for that! Top management is more or less just the one running/leading the whole thing. Top management needs to make sure that all calculations are right and that company runs well. They gotta make sure that people are motivated enough, payed enough, and that they do not want to go to their competition.

Todays market is so fast growing and our civilization has gathered so much knowledge that one cannot know everything! That is why it is management’s function to find enough and right people who will be able to control all the information instead of controling it by themselves.

Written by: Matt

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