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How To Make a Great Logo

Many people aren’t aware about how hard it is to make a great logo. They just think that you choose a picture that you like the most and call it your logo. They couldn’t be more wrong. Logo design is art and science in one and there are not many people in the world who can really build a great logo. Why is logo building so hard? How can you make a great logo? Let’s take a look…[ad#ad-4]

Logo is an image of the company. It is a graphic, that plays a great role in positioning of your product or service. Therefore making a nice logo, that is good for the eyes and easy to remember is very important. There are many logo creator sites out there to help you with building a great logo.

My tip would be to imagine it first and then pay someone to draw it for you. When you’re trying to imagine it in your mind, think about the customers. How would they respond to it? How do you want your customers to understand your product? And then try to make it according to these answers.

Keep your logo wide. Same ratio as your eyes. That way it will fit in your mind easly. Also don’t use to many colors… that will make it very hard to remember. And one more, maybe the most important thing when making a logo, the KISS principle, which means Keep It Simple Stupid. Try to give your logo to one of your friends and then take it away. Now tell them to draw it on a piece of paper. If he or she can’t do it, your logo is to complicated. If they can’t draw it, they can’t remember it!

Keeping it simple and relevant to your product or service is more or less all you have to know. Remember, logo is very important and you should really dig into it.

Written by: Matt

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