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How to make a web page (Step 2: Organising)

This is second part of my set of articles about how to make a web page. You can read step one here . In this part, we will start working! I will tell you about how to find a coder for your site (or where to start learning how to code). Next i will advise you how to choose the right host and right domain name. So let’s start.[ad#ad-4]

Option 1:

This is the option in which you will hire a coder. I suggest you hire one, because it take alot of time to learn how to make a web page and it is really hard if not impossible to make a really good one without any expiriences. So as always, we will go on google and search for a website making company. Try the keywords “website design” . You will find maaaany hits. BUT, here is the catch. Competition in this area of work is really big. Usually you will find very expensive ones on the top. Why? Because to get on top of google search engine results page (SERP) at this ammount of hits (around 100.000.000 for website design) you need to invest alot of money into advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). And these companies have to get that money back someway (from you, the costumer). So unless you have to much money, i suggest you choose a different aproach. We will go to a place, where people who make websites gather together and chat. This place is called webmaster forum . If you google it (keywords webmaster forum), you will find many of them and basiclly anyone of them is good. I suggest . I suggest you to register on that forum and open a topic describing exactly what you need. Then just wait for replys. Webmasters will fight for you! That way you will get a great price and you will be able to choose the one who you’ll think is the best (look at the post count of them, to see how active each one is. That will also tell you how good he is; well usually good ones have high post count hehe). Now we found a webmaster who will do the site for us.

Option 2:

You can also code it up yourself. I will not go into details about how to code a site here. If you want a really simple site, that will be used just for presenting the informations to visitors, google about how to use HTML . HTML is the easiest way of making websites. It is limited but you can still make great sites with it (HTML is basic for any website). If you want something more complex (then go hire someone! lol), then google about how to write PHP.

Now once we decided who will be making a website (you or someone for you), we need to make a draft of how a site should look like. You can however give the designer just the content and let him do everything else, but it might come out really strange, yes, webmasters have strange tastes hehe. I suggest you make a draft on piece of paper. Try to present a structure of how you want your informations to be presented and what kind of colors you want to be used on your site.

Now that we haveall we need to make a website, we need to put it on the web. Website is just a regular file, like Microsoft Word documents (.doc), music files (.mp3),… So if we want this file to be visible to visitors on the net, we need to save it on the computer that is connected to the internet 24/7. This computer is called server. With other words, we need to find ourselves a host, that will host a website for usand give visitors an option to see our “file” 24/7. Usually the webmaster will take care of that as well, but make sure he does not scam you. If you have a simple website, host should not be more than 50 euros a year. If you have a more complex site, than it could reach a 100 euros, but for amater sites, it never goes over that. If you are making a huge pro site, that is very complex, with forum, alot of pictures and movies online, then it could be more expensive.

Second is domain name. This is a very important part. Domain name should include the keywords people will use to find your site on google. For example: If your company is called “MyCompany” and is selling chairs, domain name should be MyCompanyChairs, not just MyCompany. Put MyCompany if you are not planing on getting most visitors from google but from advertising and business cards. It is important to choose the right ending too. Should it be .com? .us? .de? Well it depends. If you are working only inside one state and you have no plans of expanding over borders, then use local domain name (example: for USA is .us, for Germany is .de). If you are working in more than one country, or if you are not sure which one to choose, take .com domain. I suggest you that you ask your webmaster for advice on this one as well.

This is it i guess, if i forgot anything, please let me know in comments and i will add it in step three.

Cheers till next time.


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