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Human Resource Management Functions

Everyone have heard of Humarn Resources department of HR, but not many people know what this department actually does. What are the human resource management functions? What does HR do every day? This is what I will talk about in this article. So let’s take a look at what are the basic functions of human resource management.[ad#ad-4]

As you can probably guess, their main job is to search for best people for the company. But that is not even near what they do most of the time. HR department is also responsible for education between employees, motivation, suggestions and so on…


Even the name itself says it… Human resources, they are the most important element of every organization. That is why it is so important to recruit good people and of course, to keep them! HR is responsible for attending recruitment fairs, creating seminars, filing CVs that come into the company and so on… That is not an easy job, because recruiting wrong people can cause big damage to the company.

Internal education

In the fast world of capitalism, knowledge is a very important asset and companies are becoming more and more aware of that. Number of companies that are using internal knowledge is growing each day and finding people who know something useful and organizing internal seminars is also function of human resources.


Demotivated workers can be a huge problem for companies and motivating people today is a very hard task. This is yet another function of human resources department.


Listening to suggestions of your workers is very important. In big companies, this is one more function of human resources. It is HR’s job to categorize suggestions and forward them to right people.

These are just the main functions of human resources department. HR has a very wide range of responsibilities and good HR can help a lot in companies success.

Written by: Matt

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