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Importance of Leadership

People always ask themselves about salaries of the top management. They ask why is leadership so important!? I will try to present the importance of good leadership in this article and maybe justify relatively big salaries of leadership.[ad#ad-4]

Importance of Leadership No. 1 : Every path must have its goal

Every company, no matter what they do, has to have some sort of goals set. It needs a vision and it needs people that will lead to that goal and people who will work and make it happen. Now I agree that leadership without workers would be nothing, but workers without leadership would be even less. Leader can work as well, while workers usually cannot lead. That is why a good leadership is very very important in every company. Otherwise the company will not sell well, even though the workers might work their asses out.

Importance of Leadership No. 2 : Law says leadership must be

Second reason we need good leadership is law. Law says that every company must have a leadership or owner-leadership of some sort in order to be registered and sell legally.

Importance of Leadership No.3 : Someone must take responsibility

If company messes up, someone has to take responsibility. It would be very hard to point a finger on 1.000 workers and this is why we have leadership. They have a right to decide but they are also responsible if something goes wrong. Of course becouse of that responsibility, their salary is a little above average.

Written by: Matt

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