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Kaizen Philosophy

Kaizen is a word that is used by Japanese, which means “improvement” or “change for better”. It refers to philosophies or you can say practice, which focuses on continuous improvement of processes involved in management, business-supporting processes, engineering, manufacturing and so on.[ad#ad-4]

It is in practice at many places like healthcare, government, banking and many other similar industries. Main benefit of using this philosophy is that it involves every employee of department in work that is from CEO to assembly line workers and on individual sits idle. This philosophy can also be applied to processes. By improving on these activities and processes, it mainly removes the waste of resources in any process. This philosophy was first implemented by many Japanese companies only after Second World War. Since then it has been in practice throughout the world.

The cycle of Kaizen involves many stages like:

Firstly, it is required to standardize an operation. It is one of main stages and it is to be performed at first stage only.

Secondly, we try to find the total time required for the operation. In addition, amount that is to be expended during the cycle is measured at this stage only.

Next stage involves gauge measurement against requirements that is we compare all requirements with each other.

In cycle, next stage is innovation to meet requirements and to increase productivity. Next stage is to standardize the new improved operations.

This philosophy is also applied in many personal development principles. This approach involves quick identification of any waste in process and removal of that instance. Therefore, this Kaizen principle focuses on a particular process or activity.

There are some key elements, which are defined by this Kaizen principle for improvement of business strategies like quality, effort, involvement of all employees which one of main factor, willingness of every employee to make changes, and at last is communication, which plays a vital role in any process.

The main five basic elements that of Kaizen principle are:

  1. Teamwork
  2. Quality circles
  3. Personal discipline
  4. Improved morale
  5. Suggestions for improvement

Written by: Matt

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