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Leadership Assessment

Leadership assessment is a very hard task. Why? Well leadership is a very abstract thing and it is hard to measure leadership. In this article I will suggest the way of leadership assessment that I think is the best.[ad#ad-4]

In order to decide if leadership was successful, we first have to decide what is success. By defining that we come to the thing called goal. Leadership is there to organize and direct different resources to achieve a goal. Now that we know that, we can start talking about leadership assessment.

When is leadership good? When is it bad? Well very simply put, leadership is successful when they achieve a given goal. And of course unsuccessful when they fail.

So my method of leadership assessment is this.

  1. Define the goal
  2. Check if leadership has achieved that goal
  3. Take a look at the costs and time needed to achieve it
  4. Compare it with other similar projects and costs there

Written by: Matt

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