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Leadership Competencies

I don’t think there are two people in the world that would think the same about which competences are the most important for leadership. That is why I decided to write this article about leadership competences. I will try to explain which leadership competences are the most important and explain them a little.[ad#ad-4]

Goal and people oriented

Every good leader should be goal oriented and people oriented as well. It is very important that he or she has a good balance between these two. If the leader is too task oriented, forgetting on people is very likely to happen therefore making people he is leading unhappy and bad workers. But on the other hand, if he is too people oriented he might have problems getting things done, which is of course not good either.

Self motivation

Every good leader should be able to motivate himself. There are many situations when people are down and unhappy, when tasks are boring and hard and in this situations, leader must be able to motivate himself in order to continue to work great.

Full of energy

Not this one might seem little strange, but we all know that some people are more active than others. Well leaders have to be the ones who are more active. I don’t think there can be a good leader if he is a passive person. Always being alive and ready to work is very important for every good leader.

Great speaker

Leader also has to be a good speaker in order to convince people in his ideas and lead them through them. Making people believe is very important!

Good looking

One might laugh, but looking good is important when you’re leading people. If you’re not dressed well and if you stink for example, it is very unlikely that people will like you and follow you. So always try to look neat.

Written by: Matt

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