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Marketing advices by Seth Godin

Few days ago a good friend of mine sent me link to a movie on youtube about marketing. I clicked it but did not manage to watch it because it’s 19 minutes long. Today however, i got bored and i went on my computer, looked at my history searching for that movie and once i found it, i could not stop until it was over… People, it’s great! As i said, you will need around 20 minutes to watch it but it’s worth it.  Movie is a recording of Seth Godin’s lecture about marketing. He had it on one of TED’s conferences… He talks about how important it is to choose a target group and gives few great advices about organizing your marketing campaign. It’s very hard to summarize the movie, so i suggest you just watch it when you’ll have enough time for it, you won’t be sory!

I would also like to suggest you his book (Seth Godin wrote it), which is really really great and you will learn alot from it! You can find it here: Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers

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  1. Just watched it, it really is worth watching and very interesting lecturer.. among other things he says you have to do sth remarkable to appeal to people

  2. i thought so too :) it did take some time to watch it though :)

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