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Model of Growth Phases by Greiner

The Greiner growth phases define the crisis or transitions faced by organization at the time of growth. When organization grows, it gives very high working pressure to the employees working over there. As the workload increases the people, who were working well, start making mistakes due to expansion of work. It leads create a big problem in every department of organization as it creates tensed working atmosphere. Thus, people who were doing well, also start failing to give good results. To avoid creating this kind of atmosphere it should be properly planned, in order to avoid this crisis for organization. When the organization grows, they need proper strategies, new ways of communication and leadership. No. of people working in a firm have to be increased to put less stress on people already working.[ad#ad-4]

The growth phases model of Greiner says that the organization have to go through six steps for the appropriate growth of organization. Growth through creativity, growth through direction, growth through delegation, growth through monitoring and consideration, growth through collaboration these steps helps the organization without any crisis or spoiling the working atmosphere. The growth will be fun when the things go on well. When the things go wrong, the work can be stressful. It can also be a fatal to organization but things can go quite easy if the theory of Greiner is accepted and practiced properly. Everyone working with the big organization can suggest that if this theory is followed for the growth it will become fun for everyone otherwise it can lead to big crisis also.

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