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Positioning Branding

Today I will write about brand positioning. I will try to explain why is brand positioning so important and why every company has to do it in order to sell well in todays markets.[ad#ad-4]

What is positioning branding? This is positioning your brand in the eyes of a buyer. Positioning branding is making your buyer connect your brand with something. For example, Mercedes is positioning as an expensive, presitge car, that ony “big bosses” can afford to buy. But in order to present the benefits of positioning branding, let’s take a look at a smaller product example.

What is the first water brand that pops on your mind? Evian I would say. No matter what brand came up, that brand did well/the best of all water brands in “positioning branding” in your mind. Everytime you walk in the store and you see many water brands up there, you will most likely take that brand (Evian in my example). Why is this important?

Well I don’t think I have to explain how many products are out there on the market and how important it is, that customers know your product well enough to select it over all other brands on the shelf. Good positioning branding also helps you in price setting, becouse you can set a slightly higher price if your brand is well known and you have positioned it very well.

Hope that gave you a short insight on what positioning branding is.

Written by: Matt

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