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Positioning Brands

I will talk about a very hot topic in marketing world at the moment. Positioning brands! What is brand positioning? What is it good for? How to position your brand very well? All this and more in the article bellow.[ad#ad-4]

Positioning a brand is promoting it by pointing out one characteristic. By doing that, you enable people to connect your brand with that characteristic. I always love to put up Volvo as an example of brand positioning. What is the first thing you think of when hearing word Volvo? Safety, yes. This is positioning of Volvo, “the brand” among safe cars. Now how can you position your brand well? I will not talk about advertising channels here, but about how to select a characteristic for you to promote when positioning your brand.

Note that this cannot be anything! The thing you want to expose needs to be true. You cannot take an airline and promote it as the safest one if it had two airplane crashes in last month. So… you need to look for something about your product that really makes it THE BEST. But also you need to make sure, that when positioning your brand you do not enter a war zone. What do I meen? You need to make sure that your product is unique on that field of qualities. For example: in the times when Volvo was promoting his safety very hard, it would be just stupid to go out and do the same. So in that case, you should rather promote speed, comfort or something else. You might even want to change the product a bit in order to enable yourself to position the brand very well.

Note that you should plan your brand positioning before you start making a product! That way it will be easier to adjust your product to the best brand positioning option.

Written by: Matt

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