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Positioning Theory

I will talk about positioning theory today. What is positioning theory? What does it tell us? Is it true? What can we learn out of it? I will try to give you short insight in positioning theory and then I will give you my opinion on the topic.[ad#ad-4]

Positioning theory says, that we need to position our products very well if we want to sell them well. What does it mean to position a product? It means to point out its characteristics to the customer/potential buyer, so that he will connect this characteristic with the product every time he sees it or hear about it. Let’s give an example. What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word Volvo? Most people will say safety. Know why? Becouse Volvo positioned their product as the safest car in the world.

Now even though they do not have the safest car in the world and even though they do not promote it as the safest car in the world anymore, people still belive that Volvos are very very safe. This is the power of product positioning.

Positioning theory says, that our product must be connectable with something, otherwise people will not buy it. So how to know on what benefit your should position your product? Well I will not talk about this in this article. But you can read Positioning brands article to learn more about that topic.

Now back to the positioning theory. Is it true? Well partly if you ask me. I want a safe car, but I would never buy a Volvo. Why? Becouse I know Renault is safer and I like it much better as well. But on the other hand, if I did not know that Renault is safer, I would take Volvo, becouse I belive it is safe…

People have to choose between many products every day and you will definitely want them to connect your product with something nice, something useful. So positioning your product is a good thing to do if not a must already.

Written by: Matt

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