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Production Concept in Marketing

Marketing has many different concepts. A company can focus on different things in marketing and those focuses are also calles concepts. Most common ones are production concept in marketing, product concept in marketing, selling concept in marketing and many other. As you have probably guessed by now I will write about production concept in this article. So what is marketing concept of production all about?[ad#ad-4]

Production marketing concept assume, that buyers want a product that is avalible to them on many places, with other words they want to to be easly accessable. They also want it to be as cheap as possible. So we have two focuses in production concept in marketing:

1. Price


2. Avaliability

Low price of course ussually means lower quality, but by production concept, people don’t care about quality as much as they care about price. Product concept on the other hand says that people prefere quality over price.

Production concept is just one of many and I don’t think I have to point it out that going with just on concept of marketing is not enough in todays world. You need to find a good balance between all of them to be successful. Avaliability and price of course should be goals of each company, but they should not be the only goals.

Written by: Matt

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