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Theory of Planned Behavior by Ajzen

TPB is an acronym for this. It is a theory related to the attitude and behavior. This theory was given by Icek Ajzen. It explains why a person behaved in some particular manner at some particular time. It also explains the reasons of the actions being performed by people. This theory is an extension of another theory given by Ajzen related to reasoned action. The need for TPB emerged because people had little control on some of their behaviors. TPB can be used to change the behavior of people and also to predict their deliberate behavior. It says that a person’s behavior can even be planned. According to TPB, there are 3 considerations which guide human behavior. They are:[ad#ad-4]

  1. Behavioral beliefs: It is associated with the behavior of an individual in particular situations. For example: Some people believe that eating potatoes would add up to their fat and continue to follow it without actually knowing the fact. Such a belief can produce a favorable behavior or an unfavorable one too.
  2. Normative Beliefs: These are the beliefs related to the normative expectations which other people have. This belief gives rise to social pressure.
  3. Control Beliefs: It is a belief that some factor is present which may have an impact on the behavior of an individual. If an individual has available resources to perform an action, then he would intend to do it in very possible manner.

An individual’s behavior is governed by the intentions he has in his mind. And the intentions are a result of the beliefs described above. A person always does what he believes is right. Thus, TPB helps control the behavior of a person and predict the outcomes of that behavior.

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